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Dance Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Regardless of the sport or activity being trained for, it is beneficial to start with a proper warm up. Warming up in motion enhances muscular performance and helps prepare the body for increased intensity. Myosource Kinetic Bands enhance dynamic warm up’s by providing smooth and consistent resistance to each movement. Dancers will experience better blood flow and a slight elevation in heart rate as the bands aid to fire up and activate more muscles to increase endurance and allow dancers to be better prepared for the training session, practice or competition ahead. 

Maximizing effort by applying resistance to every moment will challenge the dancer to work harder for less time. Our bands come in multiple resistance levels, allowing the dancer to further adjust the amount of resistance during exercise just by

giving more or less slack on the band, as well as by combining multiple resistance bands to increase the challenge. Needless to say, the Kinetic bands work when the dancer works, providing an individualized workout based on personal ability and skill. This allows the dancer to concentrate on dance specific moves or positions to enhance their personal performance. The constant application of resistance from the Kinetic Bands will push the dancer to drive through the resistance, maximize time, efforts and results.

Speed, explosive power, higher jumps and increased endurance start with building hip and leg strength. Utilizing the Kinetic bands for conditioning will strengthen and enhance muscle stimulation throughout the entire movement in a smooth and consistent manner. Plyometric exercises and drills with the Kinetic Bands will build the explosive power it takes to drive the legs and use ground force for higher jumps and leaps. The Kinetic Bands cause quick twitch muscles in the legs to become stronger, more powerful and much quicker. The dancer will begin to develop better body control as hip flexors and legs strengthen, contributing to safer landings and the ability to properly flow into the next move with grace.

Our muscles quickly adapt to movements we perform often, which is why adding variety to every workout is essential in order to prevent plateaus and continuously challenge your muscles. Myosource Kinetic Bands allow dancers to move more freely and achieve a greater range of motion by creating resistance from all directions—the side, overhead, below, etc. The dancer can also adjust the angle of movement (by moving the fixed point higher or lower), and combine several exercises seamlessly, continuously working towards greater extension and flexibility. Improving the height of kicks and leaps requires strength and flexibility throughout the lower back, hamstrings, groin and quads. The major muscles that contribute to the actual height of a kick are the hip flexors and quads, which are strengthened each time you lift your legs with the Kinetic Bands on. The resistance added by the Kinetic Bands will recruit, strengthen and elongate more muscle fibers with each movement. The more muscle fibers being used, the greater the adaptations in muscle strength that can be achieved with the training program. Proper stretching with the Kinetic bands and increased flexibility will improve a dancer’s form and technique, increase joint health and reduce the risk of injuries.

Dancing can be physically demanding and endurance is crucial in order to achieve higher levels of success. Strength and endurance during an event allow the dancer to maintain maximum velocity longer before fatigue and deceleration kick in. Maximum velocity can make a big difference in how and where the performance will end. Resistance training with the Kinetic Bands will take dancers to that next level.

Benefits of Resistance Bands Training for Dancers

Improve Fitness

Regardless of how you view dance, art or sport, there is no denying that dancers need good leg, hip, and core strength to perform well. Resistance training with Myosource Kinetic Bands is a great way for dancers to strengthen these areas and improve overall fitness while they train. The unique design of Kinetic Bands allows for full range of motion so there is no need for a dancer to change their normal workout routine. Kinetic Bands fit just above the knees so dancers can perform dance moves like kicks, leaps, and jumps and strengthen their legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, quads, and abs at the same time.

Improve Flexibility

Proper stretching and good flexibility can help improve a dancer's form and technique and also help prevent injury. Higher leg lifts, higher jumps, and safer landings all require good flexibility and a dancer needs to be flexible to achieve all the positions that a dance may require. While some stretching exercises are more suited to specific types of dance, there are some basic stretching exercises that any dancer can perform to warm up and help improve flexibility.

Balletband is specifically designed for dancers and is one of the most unique stretch bands used by student and professional dancers all over the world. These heavy duty latex bands allow dancers the ability to stretch in basic balletic positions, hands free, providing complete freedom of their upper body. Maintaining proper upper body positioning and ‘port de bras’ are key elements of stretching for any dancer. With Balletband a dancer no longer has to reach, grab, and hold their legs when stretching in fundamental balletic positions, Balletband does all that work for you.


Here are a some more fabulous reasons to own a Balletband:

Easy to use
Compact and weighs less than a pound
Fits easily into any dance bag
Very affordable compared to similar stretching products
Heavy duty latex construction

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